Skyitech Music Mp3 Website Making Full Tutorial Series Part 1 (with script)

Skyitech Music Mp3 Website Making Full Tutorial Series Part 1 (with script)

Skyitech Script Music Website Making Full Tutorial:

आपको आज जानने के लिए मिलेगा

1 – First Purchase The Skyitech Script From Here: Skyitech Script + Sql Data (free).
Its Cost Around 900/-

1 – No hacking Or Phising Codes,

2 – 100 % Safe

2 – Extra Added On Automatic Voice Tag Download : Voice Tag
Its Cost Around 500/-

3 – Extra Added On User Upload : User Upload Script
Its Cost Around 400/-

If You Want These Three & Complete Design We Will Do This Just For 1500/- (call or WhatsApp us 07738366337) (Above Three With Design)
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Step 1: Login To Your C-panel/file manager/public html/Upload Skyitech Script& extract all file in public_html and delete zip file.

Database Creation: niche ki screen mein apko ise jake click karna hai aur database and user id password set karna hai

Step 2: Public_html folder ke under ek file hoga “Index.php” Usko Edit kare. Niche jo image hai uske according setting kare.

Yahan aap no. 3 ki line me www ke sath apna “site Url” Daalna hai. Or 4 par http ke sath Site url dalna hai. No. 10 par Sitename daal digiye. Aage hum inko hi site url or sitename ka use karenge.


Isme apko apna database connect karna hai. Apko isme no.4-8 tak ki line ko edit karna hai.

Yahan aap no.4,6 me apne database ka user daal digiye. Or 5,7 me database ka password dale. No. 8 me database ka name daal kar save kar digiye.

4:-Ab Skyitech/config/databases.yml.

Isme apko 14,20,21,22 line ko edit karna hai. Ye image me dakh lo kaise karna hai.

No.14 me Sitename daalna hai. 20 par database name, 21 database user, 22 database password.

4:-Ab Skyitech/config/propel.ini.

Isme apko No.5,6 wali line me apna sitename Replace karke file ko save kar digiye.

5:-Ab Skyitech/apps/frontend/config/app.yml.

Yahan apko 1,2,3,4,8,10,11,12 line ko edit karke apni sitename, or site url change karna hai. jaisa ki is images me apko dikhaya hai.

Matlab 1,2,3,4,8,11 points par apna sitename dalna hai. Or 10,12 par apna site url or file ko save kar dena hai.

6:-Ab Skyitech/apps/frontend/config/setting.yml.

Is file me apko No.10 par apna sitename replace karke file save kar dena hai.

7:-Ab Skyitech/apps/frontend/config/view.yml.

Yahan is file me aap NO.6 wali line me jo marzi daal sakte hai. Sitename, site url, ya apna name bhi daal sakte hai. Or file save kar dena hai.

8:-Ab Skyitech/apps/frontend/modules/default/actions/actions.class.php.

Isme apko NO.19 line me apna site url Or 20 me sitename daalkar file ko save karna hai.


Ye admin panel ke liye most file hai koi galati kar di to admin panel me error ho jata hai. Is liye apko sab sahi se is file me NO. 3,4,5,6,8,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 Tak ki lines me apna sitename or site url replace karne hai. Replace karke file save kar dena hai.

10:-Ab Skyitech/apps/backend/config/setting.yml.

yahan apko NO.9 par apna sitename replace kar dena hai.

11:-Ab Skyitech/apps/backend/config/view.yml.

Is file me apko No. 6,18,19,21 line me apna site url or sitename change karke file ko save karna hai.

12:-Ab Skyitech/apps/backend/modules/category/actions/actions.class.php.

Yahan apko NO.43 me apna site url change karna hai. Or no.44 par only sitename change karke file ko save kar dena hai.

13:-Ab css/sitename.css.

Isme apne css ke folder me jaker apni css file me apna sitename change kar digiye.

14:-Ab adminpanel/index.php.

Cpane me mm-admin4589 ke folder ko open kare usme index.php file ko edit karke 2,3,9 line me site url or sitename change karke file save kar digiye.

15:-Ab Skyitech/apps/backend/modules/advt/templates/indexSuccess.php.

Yahan apko is file NO.59 par jaker apna sitename change kare file ko save karna hai.


Is folder ko apne sitename se replace kar dena hai.


yahan siteuploads ke under apko last me 2 files ho edit karna hai. 1 settings-m.php, 2 settings-p.php Dono file me aap apna site se related keywords set kar sakte hai. Or apna site url change karke dono files ko save kar dena hai.

congratulation apka website live hai :::::::::

next sab post pariye agar live nehi hoga to fix details bataunga….

ap iha se iske next 2 part parh sakte hain : sql database setup .

ap iha se iske next 3 part parh sakte hain : admin panel url change .

ap iha se iska 4 part parh sakte hai : automatic voice tag kaise lagate hain.


(next tutorial mein hum admin panel setup, sql database banana, admin url change, voice tag lagana  sikhenge)

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