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1 : By Using Our Blog You Have You agree with our terms & conditions.

2 : subscriber (registered / unregistered ) both can’t post spam comment, if any spam comment or form submitted our blog security system will block the user for 999 hours, hence he/she can’t logged in till date mentioned above.

3 : if user post any comment include his/her do follow link we encourage user to do the same, if so we can block user / remove comment without inform.

4 : user have the full rights to remove his/her contact details available with us, to do this subscriber can mail us: complaint@mydreamblog.in mentioning data removal request,

Our admin team will review your request from your email address and remove your data,

5: once we remove any user data can’t get back, so before you request any data removal request ask self that its never get back,

6: if any comment or form submitted by user removed automatically by our spam protection engine, and you think this was by mistake, we request to user write email us : complaint@mydreamblog.in mentioning: data removed by mistake

Our admin team will review your request from your email address and check your data if found no spam done we will update your data in our blog,

7: user have the full rights over there data, they can remove his/her account by self by entering :

7: we are not responsible for any kind of lose if user do anything after reading our article…

:Features That Our Spam Engine Protect:

1 : We strictly encourage user to access wp-admin or wp-login page by entering url.

Within seconds your ip will get blocked, and request non-acceptable for unblocking if user try to access this features without permission,

2 : never try to access any invalid url that not exist over our page/post, It cause ip auto block system,

3: Accesing of security area of this blog like our admin-panel/c-panel strictly prohibited,

4: trying to copy any of our post/pages/picture/menus/texts etc strictly prohibited, we encourage user to do so,

5: never use this website for illegal works,

6: we always try to write or upload video the best that we know. Some times may be there can have slightly different things that we post and actual that have,

7 : If you are sending your article to us for guest post, make sure it won’t come with dofollow link,

we won’t provide Do-follow link, if you need more than 2 No-follow link then you have to pay us,

8: We can remove any article / post / pages / images without prior notice. EVEN if its a paid promotion. Only applicable if found any illegal usages / national violance / any hurting any kind of religious person.